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Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography (2015 Centennial Edition, Signed & Numbered)
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Product ID LBIO2015-US
Manufacturer Amberley
SKU/ISBN 9780000000000
Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography (2015 Centennial Edition, Signed & Numbered)

Take a journey back in time, and step aboard the decks of one of the most legendary liners of the 20th Century...


  • Full title: Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography
  • ISBN-10: 144564262X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1445642628
  • Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Size: 9.76" x 6.77", or 172x248 mm), 448 pages, 495 photographs and illustrations, all-new g/a plans of the ship, + a 16-page color section containing 33 additional photos and illustrations.
  • Availability: Now in stock and available to ship!
  • Centennial Edition, Signed & Numbered Collectible.

Over 107 years after her maiden voyage across the North Atlantic, and a century since her loss to a German torpedo, prepare to relive the life story of the Lusitania through words and pictures as never before.

The Lusitania was one of the grandest Atlantic liners of the Edwardian era. For a time she was both the largest and fastest ship in the world. For seven-and-a-half years, she crisscrossed the harsh North Atlantic between England and the United States. During this period, she came to be both beloved and world-famous; at the time, her name was synonymous with power, progress, and luxury. Today, she is more famous for her sinking and the political ramifications of her loss than she is for her very successful, adventurous career.

This book shows the entire career of the Lusitania, from conception, to a lengthy and magnificent career, to an untimely premature demise... all in context. Through words, pictures and illustrations, many very rare and some never before published, the Lusitania can finally be revealed in a way that celebrates her life as well as commemorates her death, and the deaths of so many innocent men, women and children. Through the pages of Lusitania: An Illustrated Biography, readers will be transported through time, back to the decks of the legendary Cunarder as she cut her way through the waters of the North Atlantic.

Included in these 448 pages are some 495 photographs and illustrations of the ship and the people who sailed aboard her. among this number are quite a few that are new to this edition. Also, in this volume, the finest and rarest photos have been given prominence in the layout, to showcase their beauty. The 16-page colour section contains 33 photos and illustrations, including artwork by artists Tom Lear & Stuart Williamson. An all-new and highly-detailed set of general arrangement plans of the liner, drawn by the author over the course of many months, have been enlarged over their previous published size to 12.5" (rather than the previous 8.25"). There is a special survivor's note from Lusitania survivor Barbara McDermott (now deceased), an unforgettable introduction by Mike Poirier & Jim Kalafus, and a special centennial note which I penned for this edition. Previous errors or omissions were corrected, and the text is also expanded to include some new (and previously unpublished) information. Everything between the front and back covers have been gone over with a fine-tooth comb since the previous 2010 release. While this release obviously bears the same character and flavor as the original, it is also greatly improved.

There are six informational appendices, including:
  • A complete sailing schedule for the Lusitania, 1907-1915 -- all 202 Crossings from beginning to end.
  • A list of the ship's Captains from the start of her career to its end, including the length and inclusive dates of their tenures.
  • A First Class passenger list for the maiden west-bound crossing.
  • A passenger and crew list for the final crossing.
  • A study of the ship's years in service, including busiest years and lightest years.

An entire chapter is devoted to a study of the liner's specific design and technical features. Another chapter is devoted to her whole career (September 1907-August, 1914) and its highlights -- from stormy crossings to famous passengers and notable events. Yet another chapter is devoted to her wartime service and final crossing; included herein are many fresh, previously unpublished accounts of those who were aboard the liner, all woven into the running narrative.

The 150,000+ words of this volume's primary text lays to rest many of the half-truths, rumors, misinformation and conspiracy theories that have surrounded the ship, her design, and her sinking in a logical and factual manner. It is, I hope, a fitting tribute to all of those who sailed on, and who lost their lives on, one of the world's greatest liners.

Each signed & numbered volume sold here comes as a special signed & numbered limited edition volume. I hand-sign each copy once your order is placed.

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