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On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic - 2015 Edition (Signed & Numbered Available)
Product ID OASOG-Standard
Manufacturer Amberley
SKU/ISBN 978-1445647012
On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic - 2015 Edition (Signed & Numbered Available)

Prepare to experience Titanic as never before...

One hundred and three years after the sinking of the Titanic, the history of that ship is commemorated in this incredibly comprehensive volume. Co-authored by Tad Fitch, J. Kent Layton and Bill Wormstedt - three researchers with nearly a century's worth of aggregate experience researching the subject - this book reveals the history of the Titanic as you have never read it before.

On A Sea of Glass is a complete telling of the history of the Titanic. It is comprised of a gripping narrative followed by eighteen detailed appendices giving unprecedented insight into the complete history of the lost liner.

The goal in producing this volume was to take nothing for granted, not to rely on conclusions made through generation after generation of re-tellings by various researchers and authors, some of whose "facts" are of dubious origin; emotional attachment to dearly-cherished and often-retold aspects of the disaster were cast aside in the light of the historical record.

Most books on the Titanic through the years have steered clear of a scholarly approach to telling the history of the legendary liner. Unfortunately this has allowed many errors to be perpetuated through the years, simply because many of these "facts" are considered "common knowledge" and get repeated in many other Titanic books. It has also allowed some authors too much leeway in presenting a single picture as fact, when other possibilities and interpretations are possible or probable. Other books take only a half-hearted stab at a scholarly approach, presenting token citations which give the appearance of respectable research, and which in some cases present only the evidence that supports the author's/authors' personal preconceptions.

Nearly every statement, paragraph, quote, conclusion or point made in On a Sea of Glass is backed up by an end note citation. In most cases, these present citations to first-hand accounts which are readily available to the public in their original form (in print or online) for study and contextual analysis. Other notes give detailed explanations of conclusions we drew from the historical record and which are contained in the narrative.

All told, not including the substantial end notes, the text comes in at well over a quarter of a million words. In addition, the book is packed with over 400 photos and illustrations, including a full-color section comprised of over 50 images.

  • "A chance to experience Titanic's story like never before." ~ Shipping Today and Yesterday.
  • "A must have book... a definitive source." ~ Mike Poirier, Encyclopedia Titanica.
On A Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic was also nominated for the 2012 Mountbatten Maritime Award by the Maritime Foundation in Great Britain.

Welcome aboard, and enjoy your voyage.
  • 2015 Edition
  • Size 9.8" X 6.8" X 1.3"
  • Format: Soft cover
  • 448 pages, some in full color

Full list of appendices:
  • Titanic's Technical Specifications & Some Common Misconceptions. - This appendix deals with some of the most important technical details of the Titanic's construction, and lays to rest a number of the oft-repeated technical "facts" concerning the ship. For example: was the Titanic built to a slip-shod manner to save expenses, a victim of corporate greed and skullduggery? Was it unusual for Titanic and her sister Olympic to be called "unsinkable"? And much more...
  • Southampton to Cherbourg. - Learn more about this least-documented and frequently misunderstood portion of Titanic's maiden voyage from a navigational / timing perspective.
  • The Question of Binoculars. - Did the lack of binoculars for the lookouts lead to the sinking of the ship?
  • What Time Is It? - An analysis of changes made to the Titanic's clocks during her maiden voyage.
  • Taking Evasive Action. - Did the evasive action taken actually lead to the Titanic's demise?
  • The Iceberg Damage. - A careful analysis of the damage to the Titanic.
  • The Duff Gordon Affair. - Roundly condemned in the court of public opinion following the disaster, what were the couple's experiences in Boat No. 1, and was any criticism justified?
  • Incidents of Gunfire During the Sinking. - A careful examination of survivor reports of gunfire during the disaster turns up some fascinating conclusions.
  • The Loss of Titanic's Deck Crew Over Time. - A statistical analysis of the availability of trained seamen as the ship's lifeboats were launched.
  • The Last Song. - A special guest appendix by George Behe studying survivor evidence on the final piece of music played by the band as the liner sank.
  • Shots in the Dark: Did an Officer Commit Suicide on the Titanic? - This appendix studies survivor evidence regarding the possibility that one of the ship's officers killed himself as the disaster played out, with remarkable results.
  • Thomas Andrews' Fate. - Andrews is almost universally portrayed as last seen in the First Class Smoking Room just minutes before the liner foundered ... but is this the most accurate representation of the historical record? What was the last well-reported sighting of Andrews, and how does that fit in with other available evidence? A groundbreaking analysis.
  • Down With the Ship? Captain Smith's Fate. - Where was Captain Smith last seen? What is the best evidence on his fate? What conclusions can we draw from the historical record?
  • The Breakup. - Long denied until the wreck's discovery in 1985, this unprecedented analysis shows how the historical record was ignored for over seventy years, and takes a step-by-step forensic study of survivor evidence on the way that the breakup played out. This is the largest study of survivor evidence on the subject to date, and the picture they presented comes into focus for the first time.
  • J. "Brute" Ismay? - After the Titanic disaster, J. Bruce Ismay was to a large extent condemned by the public and press alike. But was his behavior during the design phase of the ship, during the maiden voyage, and through the sinking in any way unscrupulous or reprehensible? A balanced look at the evidence.
  • Buried At Sea. - How many bodies were buried at sea from the Carpathia?
  • Trapped Like Rats? - Portrayal after portrayal show Third Class passengers trapped behind locked gates, left to die and all but neglected ... but is that an accurate portrayal of how events transpired that night?
  • The Californian Affair. - One of the most inflammatory controversies of the Titanic disaster is dealt with in a simple and straightforward manner. What does an unbiased approach to the historical record lead one to conclude?
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