TMB Studios’ online shopping site is a family-run business that began with a single idea which then took wing and became an entire website.

We have been designing and building websites for our own businesses, and those of others, for many years. It was when an idea for a new product turned into a “cottage industry” that the website was born.

It began with an idea for a different kind of feeder for offering mealworms to the bluebirds in our back yard nest boxes. We tried and discarded several ideas, and finally came up with one which we think is the best bluebird feeder available, the BBF1. (Read the full story here.) From there, we decided to add other bluebird-friendly merchandise from various suppliers to our store, and then expanded our offerings to other products aimed at bird-lovers.  We’re very happy to be able to offer the Nature’s Windows line of outdoor sound monitors. This has proved to be one of our best-selling items.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our current product offerings. We welcome product suggestions and inquiries.

In addition to our online store, TMB Studios also offers services in graphic design, document layout and design web design, e-commerce website design, and content-managed websites. Please visit our Design Portfolio pages to learn more about how TMB Studios can help put your business or organization’s best foot forward.