Please note that TMB Studios is not the manufacturer of the Nature’s Window product. However, in an effort to assist our customers, we are providing this additional information on this popular product to answer some of the many questions we’ve been asked about it in the past. Taking a few moments to review this information prior to placing your order will help you to determine what wire length and options you should order, ensuring the best results from your Nature’s Window. This information will also help you decide on the safest, most effective location for placement of your unit.

Q. What are the dimensions of the speaker unit?

The speaker unit is approximately 3 1/2″ wide X 3 1/2″ deep, by 8 1/4″ high. (Sketch below is not intended to represent the actual size of the speaker unit.)

Q. How large is the microphone (probe)?

A. The probe is a very small microphone, a little larger than a pencil eraser.

Q. What is the range of the microphone?

A. The simple answer is this: Stand outside in the location where you’re planning to put the probe. Whatever sounds you hear in that location will be transmitted through the Nature’s Window.

Q. What length probe wire should I order?

A. Nature’s Window will pick up the sounds from the area where the probe (the tiny microphone on the end of the probe wire) is located, and amplify them through the speaker unit inside the house. See details below:


The first step in determining this is to ask yourself: What outdoor sounds do I want to hear? If the sounds are from area just outside your window (Figure 1), and the speaker unit can be placed near the window, then you may order the standard six-foot wire unit. The wire is passed through the open window, then the window is gently closed, and the NW3 picks up the sounds from just outside the window.

If the sounds you wish to hear are from a more distant location, for instance a bird-feeding area, garden pond, or waterfall that is several yards away from your window, (Figure 2) then you will be able to hear those sounds better with a longer probe wire unit. Go outside, and stand where you can clearly hear those sounds with your own ears.

When you have determined the best location for your microphone, measure the distance from there to the nearest window, allowing additional length for running the wire through conduit underground, or suspending it high enough so it won’t be damaged by lawn equipment, children, pets or other animals. Then measure the distance from that window to where you wish to place the speaker unit. (Be sure to allow additional length to place probe wire safely out of traffic areas, i.e. along baseboards.) Add the two measurements together, and this is the length of the probe wire you should order.

We carry 30-foot, 50-foot, and 70-foot wire NW3’s in our shop. However, by contacting Customer Service we can get you a custom quote on a longer wire unit, should you need one.

Please note: When determining the desired location for your microphone, try standing outside in the location you think will be best and then listen…really listen…to all the other sounds you are hearing. Also think about what other sounds might be heard in that location at other times – air conditioning units, heating system venting, road traffic, machinery, etc. Your Nature’s Window unit will transmit all of these sounds to the speaker unit. It is not capable of filtering out sounds you don’t wish to hear.

Also, the Nature’s Window is not intended to be remedy for hearing loss. It does not function as a hearing aid. If you cannot hear the sounds with your own ears when standing where you intend to place the microphone, then it is questionable whether you will hear them when transmitted through the speaker unit. The speaker is not designed to be left at the highest volume level. As with all loudspeakers, the higher the volume is turned up, the more chance there is for distortion or feedback.

Q. If I order a Standard 6-foot probe wire Unit, then decide I need more wire, can I simply order an extension?

A. A plug-in connection option is available, which will allow you to simply order a longer wire rather than an entire unit. If you choose the standard hard-wired unit, it is more economical to order the unit with the length of wire you need at the outset than to add on later. If you already have a NW3 Unit and wish to extend its reach, please contact customer service and we will advise you of the most economical method.

Q. What is the plug-in connector option? Do I need it?

A. With the plug-in connector set, your Nature’s Window is even more versatile. The probe wire, rather than being permanently wired to the back of the speaker unit, can be unplugged from the speaker, allowing a single speaker unit to be used with multiple probes, without having to move the probe. Order additional probe wires, and you will be able to move your speaker unit from window to window, or room to room. (Note: Only ONE wire may be connected to the base unit at any given time. Having a connector set and multiple wires will only allow you to move the base unit from wire to wire, not to have multiple wires connected to the unit at once.)

Q. What is the “Line Out” option?

A. The Line Out upgrade is used for recording outdoor sounds, or for amplifying them through your own external home sound system or high fidelity speaker for enhanced sound quality. Using a standard phono plug, connect to “line out” jack on the back of unit, and plug the other end into “line in” jack on recorder, sound system, or external high fidelity speaker. Then adjust to desired recording or listening level. This output is independent of the unit’s volume control. Some of our customers have used this upgrade to amplify outdoor sounds through their whole-house audio system.

Q. Where should I place my NW3?

A. Place the NW3 so that the probe is as close as possible to the source of the sounds you wish to hear. You should also take care to place the speaker unit where it will not easily fall or be knocked over by children or pets. (Figure 3) If the unit falls and is damaged, or the probe wire stretched, torn or twisted inside the unit, (Figure 4) it will require manufacturer service not covered by the warranty. * We also suggest plugging the unit into a surge protector to protect it from power spikes and fluctuations which may cause unwanted noises or damage to the unit.

Accidental damage from the unit being improperly placed where it can fall or be left suspended from the probe wire may be repairable, but is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty! (Size of speaker unit in above sketch does not represent actual size. See above for actual measurements.)

Q. Are the probe wire and probe weatherproof?

A. The probe wire is made to be weatherproof. The probe itself, when positioned properly, can be left outdoors, but it should not be immersed in water. Taking care to aim the probe facing downwards rather than upwards will help prevent moisture from accumulating in the probe. In the event that the probe does get wet, turn the NW3 off and allow the probe to dry. This may take up to 2 or 3 days if the sun isn’t out, or you could bring the probe inside and it will dry faster.

Q. Can the probe wire be buried underground?

A. Yes, the probe wire can be buried underground if it is enclosed in a waterproof conduit pipe. Otherwise it should be suspended above the ground, where it will not be damaged by lawn mowers, weedwackers, pets, or other animals.

Q. What is the manufacturer’s warranty on the NW3?

A. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty against defects in workmanship within the unit. It does not cover intentional or unintentional damage caused by improper handling or opening of the unit.* It does not cover the wire or microphone, as these are prone to damage from external forces. It does not cover microphone wires which become disconnected from the internal board, as this indicates mishandling of the unit. The Nature’s Windows units are each tested thoroughly before being shipped. You should test your NW3 immediately upon receiving it, as claims for shipping damage must be filed within seven days of receipt of the order. Important: Retain the original box and all packing materials until you are certain that the unit is performing properly! In the event of shipping damage, contact Customer Care for authorization and instructions to return the unit for repair or replacement. Do not return any unit without prior authorization.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Custom units are eligible for replacement or repair if they arrive in damaged or defective condition. Because they are custom-made to your specifications, they are ineligible for cash refund. Non-custom units may be eligible for refund, but only if returned in accordance with our Terms and Conditions*. In some cases we may allow units to be returned for credit against an upgraded or longer probe wire unit, provided prior authorization is recieved and the unit returned is in new condition, with all original packing materials and shipping box.

Q. How will my NW3 be shipped?

A. Standard shipping on these units is by UPS Ground or USPS Priority, depending on stock, and which options you order. Expedited shipping is by UPS 2 or 3-day Air, or USPS Priority, depending on stock and options ordered. Estimated order processing time before shipping usually 2-5 business days. If it is necessary to have the unit shipped by USPS, please contact us for a custom quote, as we will have to have the unit shipped from the distributor to our NY State office by UPS, then ship it from there by USPS. Additional charges and increased processing and shipping time will apply.

Q How should I set up my NW3?

A. Detailed instructions for setting up the unit are included in each package. When you receive your NW3, place the probe wire outside the window, fitting it against the grooves or tracks of the window, and gently close the window over the wire, being sure the wire isn’t bent or kinked. Make sure the volume control on the NW3 speaker is turned all the way down (all the way counterclockwise). Plug the NW3 into the electrical outlet, and push the on/off switch to “On”. The power indicator will light up. Then slowly increase the volume on the NW3 to the desired level. We have found that having the volume in the low- to medium- range produces the best results.

Q. My Nature’s Window is making a funny noise. What’s wrong with it?

A. The first step is to determine whether it is the unit itself making the noise, or if the noise is coming from an external source. Try relocating the probe and see if the noise changes. If so, the probe may be picking up sounds from nearby sources such as running A/C units or other electrical devices. The following chart can help you to determine the possible cause of unwanted noises, and suggest solutions:

Description of noise Possible Cause Indications / Solution
Static, popping, hissing, crackling 1)Water has gotten inside the probe Turn unit off, bring the probe inside, allow it to dry thoroughly (several days, if necessary). If unit is still making noise then suspect cause #2 –
2)Damaged probe Contact Customer Service for instructions for obtaining factory authorized service*
Low frequency hum along with very low volume on transmitted sounds Damaged probe Contact Customer Service for instructions for obtaining factory authorized service*
Scraping/tapping/chewing, buzzing Probe is moving, hitting against building or other objects. Or a bug may have climbed into the end of the probe. Relocate or secure probe so that it will not move. Look into the end of the probe to see if there’s a flea, spider, ant, or other bug inside the microphone.
Whooshing/Foofing Wind noise Relocate probe to a protected area. Add a windscreen to probe to cut down on wind noise. Turn volume down on windy days.
Electronic beeping, popping or clicking Interference from electronic device Move electronic devices such as electronic phones, cell phones, tablets, wireless routers, etc. away from base unit.
Squealing, Feedback Make sure window is completely closed with probe outside. Turn volume down. Relocate speaker unit further away from window where probe is placed.
No sound or intermittent sound. 1) No power to unit Make sure unit is plugged in and turned on, and that the volume is turned up. Note whether the power indicator light is on. If no indicator light, check outlet with another device, or test unit on an outlet known to be working.
2) No signal or interrupted signal from probe Unit is plugged into working outlet, power indicator light is on, sound is turned up, no sound is heard: Either unit has sustained internal damage, or probe wire has been broken or twisted. If intermittent sound is heard from a unit with a plug-in connector, make sure jack is plugged all the way into the correct receptacle on back of unit. Reseat plug. If sound is still intermittent, wire may be damaged. DO NOT wiggle the jack back and forth in the receptacle as this can cause damage to the base unit! Contact Customer Service for instructions for obtaining factory authorized service.*

* Upon request, Customer Service will give instructions for obtaining factory authorized service from the manufacturer. Opening or tampering with your unit in any way voids the warranty. For shipping damage or manufacturing defects, unit will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. If repairs are required for any other reason, a service charge and return shipping charges will apply. No cash refunds are given on custom units – repair or replacement only. Non-custom units may be eligible for partial credit. See our Terms and Conditions page for details.


These are just a few of the comments received about Nature’s Windows monitors:

Online Review

Another online review

This unit captures the sounds outside very precisely and clearly. Many thank you’s for a super product and many years of enjoyment to come.

Just wanted to write and say a big “THANK YOU” as I have received my monitor and enjoying each and every sound the birds are making!

Just wanted to write quickly & tell you how much we’re enjoying the monitor! I leave it on all day for my cats, and we enjoy it when we’re home. We mounted it under the roof of our main birdfeeder. And I’ve heard owls at night. Thanks, Jen

Thanks for a great product – we are enjoying our Nature’s Window so much that we are looking at getting a second. Paul

I love my nature’s window unit. I am wondering if you make a unit that will work on a 12 volt system of our camper. I would love to use it while we camp without electric. Rita

I just wanted to let you know that we received the Nature’s Window last Thursday, and it is working very nicely. We love it! Thank you so much, Roberta

Hello, We really enjoy it, the unit is everything you said it would and more. The mic is so clear and no static. Karen

We received our NW1 unit, which I’ve installed for two main purposes: to hear the sounds of birds (during all seasons) and primarily to detect on our front porch the presence (again, during all seasons) of a pet cat who seeks shelter, a snack, and a place to nap. For the past several years we had been using a transmitter-receiver arrangement that was working well but whose signal-to-noise ratio was such that reception was not as clear as with NW1, whose audio reproduction is excellent and noise-free. Thanks for efficiently sending the Nature’s Window. We consider it a resounding success and highly recommend it to others. Vincent and Mary

I’ve had bird monitors in the past that whistled, couldn’t get the station, batteries, you name it!! This unit is the absolute best I’ve ever owned. My reason for purchasing it is two-fold. First, I, too, love to hear the birds outside, especially during the months of winter. Secondly, and most importantly, I have a little budgie of 8 years old, who just adores hearing the blue jays and the doves and imitates them perfectly! This unit captures the sounds outside very precisely and clearly. Many thank you’s for a super product and many years of enjoyment to come. Soleia

I received my unit yesterday and I love it. I put it in the window between the screen and window for now and it works perfectly. I hardly have it turned up and I can hear everything outside. Thanks so much! Sue

Got my Nature’s Window with this morning’s UPS delivery. Took advantage of a sunny (but cold) afternoon to get the probe installed outside by my birdfeeders and am sitting here enjoying the sounds right now! It will be nice not to have to keep a window cracked on these cold days in order to hear my birdies outside!

Thanks again for quick shipping — I am enjoying this very much – and will especially enjoy it once spring arrives and the birds really start singing! Sincerely, Ruth

I just wanted to let you know that the monitor that you sold me last Christmas, was one of the best purchases that I have ever made! Now that all the migratory birds (Indigo Buntings, Orchard & Baltimore Orioles, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, all sorts of Warblers, among others) are moving through our area, it adds so much to be able to clearly hear them inside our home, as we watch them outside. My disabled wife just said to me today, that she really has grown to enjoy being able to hear the activities outside while she is inside. Yesterday, she heard some strange muffled noises on the monitor. When she quietly went out to see what it was, she found a flock of sandhill cranes flying overhead. Thank you again, Dave