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Bluebird / Songbird Mealworm Feeder

The Next Generation Squirrel & Starling Proof
Bluebird/Songbird Feeder
 inspired by the "Bluebird Nut" design

now made by Erva Tool

Once again available in copper!

TMB Studios and Bluebirdnut.com are proud to announce that our own design for the "Bluebird Nut" Mealworm Feeder is now being made by Erva Tool, manufacturer of quality metal lawn and garden ornaments and bird feeders. Some enhancements have been made to the original design. We think you'll agree that this is the best version yet for feeding mealworms, suet mixes, bluebird 'banquet' or nuggets to your Bluebirds and other small songbirds, while excluding starlings, robins, jays and other large "bully" birds.

Have you tried other supposedly Starling-proof feeders for feeding mealworms and or/suet mixes, but found Bluebirds are reluctant to enter, or become panicked when they can't figure out how to exit the feeder? Other Starling-proof feeders aren't designed to hold a feeding cup that mealworms can't crawl out of. This feeder comes with a re-usable, removable glass feeding dish inside the permanently attached metal holder. 

  • Proven effective in excluding Starlings, Robins, Bluejays & other large birds.
  • Open design is appealing to Bluebirds, who may become confused or panicky inside more enclosed feeders.
  • Extra rugged construction will give years of service. Hang anywhere,. Top and bottom formed of galvanized steel sheet, coated in an attractive blue finish. Outer cage constructed of heavy vinyl-coated wire mesh with 1 1/2" openings - perfect for admitting Bluebirds and small songbirds, but excluding Starlings, Robins, Bluejays & other large "bully" birds. In most cases, even Mockingbirds won't enter this feeder. Comes complete with hanging cable.
  • Solid roof protects live mealworms from direct sun and rain, and provides protected feeding area.
  • This feeder can also been modified so that it is suitable for use by Western and Mountain Bluebirds with Bluebird Nut's easy-to-follow instructions.
Manufacturer Erva Tools
ISBN 764000000000
Price: $77.98
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