Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap

Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap
By Sparrowtraps.net

At Last! A truly effective repeating sparrow trap at an affordable price! Bluebird and Purple Martin 'landlords' are singing the praises of these traps. See what makes them different from other traps on the market.Features:

  • Proven design: hundreds of traps in use internationally and in 49 US States.
  • 24"X16"X8" solid pine galvanized hardware cloth construction for years of service.
  • Live trap so any native species can be easily released unharmed.
  • Self-resetting to catch multiple birds per day with no intervention needed.
  • Large capacity - will hold up to 40 birds
  • When properly set it is virtually escape-proof. No more trap-shy birds.
  • Easy-access removal door.
  • Full Instructions and trapping tips are included.

Note: This product generally ships in 3-5 business days. 

Manufacturer Sparrowtraps.net
Price: $78.95
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