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Nestbox Heat Shield Kit

Keep the baby birds in your nest boxes from frying in the sun! Space age closed cell 1/8in Sintra PVC boards protect your birds from excessive heat in the summer by dissipating the sun's rays. They will not warp or crack like wood and will outlast any box you have. Especially useful for boxes mounted out in the full sun. In full sun an unprotected box can have an interior temperature of up to 13°F degrees hotter than the outside ambient temperature (depending on the color of the box). If your interior temperatures get up to 105-107 degrees inside this is the danger zone for small chicks. (See test info, images 4 & 5)

Typically if your boxes face north or east you will need a Top Shield, a West Shield, and a South Shield for best protection.

Kit comes ready for you to customize, assemble, and install. Includes:

  • 3 (three) rectangular boards 7.5 inches x 11.5 inches, 
  • 8 (eight) 5/16in high spacers for side and top boards 
  • 4 (four) 1 inch high spacers for back shield.(Back mounted boxes only) (If you need different length spacers let me know.)
  • Exterior screws for bottom mounted boxes, and back mounted boxes with mounting post of less than 2"
  • Spacers for back mounted boxes with mounting post of 2" and above. (Buyer will have to provide lag bolts for attaching)
  • Instructions for assembly and installation

 The PVC boards are 1/8" thick and easy to cut with regular box cutter or similar cutting tool. This means you can save money by cutting your own shields from this kit. PVC is white and can be spray painted any color you choose to match your existing box. 

Note: This product includes heat shield kit with hardware ONLY! Nestbox not included

 Two options are given here for ordering multiple kits. If you have a need for a number of kits not listed here, please contact 
Customer Service for a custom quote.  

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