Van Ert PVC Nestbox Sparrow Trap

As all Bluebirders know, House Sparrow Control is a vital part of good Bluebird landlordship. Designed and built by Floyd Van Ert, the PVC Nestbox Sparrow Trap is a no-kill trap that allows for live trapping of a single House Sparrow at a time. The Van Ert PVC Nestbox Sparrow Trap is a proven design which will work on round PVC boxes, often called "Gilbertson" boxes. (For traditional wooden nestboxes with round, oval, or slot entrances, you need the Van Ert Universal Sparrow Trap.

Instructions for use: 

Push down to securely seat the sparrow trap on the hole edge.

Remember, the sparrow trap is in the set position throughout the installation process.

When the sparrow enters, it will trip the trap and the orange dot will show (as shown in photo).

When you set this sparrow trap or any other trap, you must monitor the nest box within 30 to 60 minutes. This is very important to avoid trapping Bluebirds or other native cavity nesting birds! This trap is a no-kill trap - the trap itself does not harm the birds - but a trapped bird can die inside a nestbox if not removed within a short period of time. Never, ever, leave a nestbox trap armed and unattended!

Manufacturer Van Ert
Price: $10.99
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